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A networked computer system throughout our office provides Staff with instant access to our database of both Historical and Active Files/Records, which can be searched based on various criterias including for example Name, Address, Suburb, etc.

All new files are therefore automatically cross checked on receipt, against existing records and if already on file a Historical File Extract is provided to our Client.

We also operate a separate Client Database System, to enable us to communicate regularly with Clients.

Our accounting records are incorporated into our Main Operating Database and also using M.Y.O.B., enabling us to provide to Clients information about the status of their account both promptly and with a high level of accuracy.

In addition to the above, we also have access to Telephone Directories (dating back to 1988), Commonwealth Electoral Roll and also numerous other on-line databases. The Internet is also used by us to provide immediate access to various databases, remote offsite access to our office File Server, etc.

In the field we have access to an extensive range of Digital Cameras and Video Equipment (including covert Micro Digital Video Recorders) along with Mobile Telephones, Two Way Radios, Digital Voice Recorders, Laptop Computers, Wireless Mobile Broadband, etc.



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