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General Particulars

We offer service of all types of Legal Process in all jurisdictions throughout Victoria and Interstate by experienced and Professional Process Servers through our extensive network of Affidavit Agents Australia Wide.

Additional Benefits ('Fee of Charge')

  • FREE pick-up of urgent documents when requested (Mornings-Melbourne CBD only) for regular clients.Process Serving Colour

  • First out of every 3 Attempts only charged (Melbourne Metropolitan area only & excludes 'Urgent' matters).

  • Re-location Enquiries undertaken automatically and 'FREE' of charge. These include enquiries with neighbours, White Pages 'Online' and other basic searches.

  • FAST 'Turn Around Time', with service attempted within 3 days. Urgent matters dealt with immediately.

  • Interim Reports via email to keep you fully up to date in respect of any difficulties being experienced with service of documents.

  •  Detailed Computer Generated Reports.

  • Reports automatically include details of Defendant's current circumstances likely to assist in recovery, including motor vehicle registration numbers observed, ownership of real estate or employment details, where these are identified at the time of service.

  •  Affidavits fully prepared by us. No need to supply blank forms (Victoria Only).

  • Computerised File Tracking System.

  • Experienced / Professional Process Servers and Investigators. We have been in business since 1978.

  • Australiawide Service.



All representations in this website are a guide only and will be superseded by documentation in any particular case.  All Offers, Contracts and/or arrangements arising from this website are entered into in the State of Victoria and are subject to the Law of the State of Victoria and to Victorian jurisdiction.

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